Women looking to defy achy joints and reclaim mobility!

The Freedom in Motion 28-day program

Discover how to break free from joint discomfort, limited mobility, and muscle weakness with easy-to-follow mobility routines you can do at home in just a few minutes a day, no matter your fitness level. 

Don't let restricted mobility and pain hold you back any longer – join now and pave the way to your newfound freedom in motion!

CLICK BELOW and get started right away on your freedom in motion journey, for a one-time payment of $77 only!

freedom in motion

Are achy joints or limited mobility holding you back?

Embrace the power of freedom in motion!

If the urge to move is there, but pain and restrictions stop you, fear not—this proven transformative freedom in motion 28-Day program might be precisely what you need.

Beyond providing you with boundless energy, this program has been carefully designed to enhance your range of motion, get rid of joint discomfort, strengthen your muscles and posture, enhance your flexibility, and ignite lasting vitality.
Picture yourself moving with grace and ease, effortlessly bending and stretching as you go about your day.

Say goodbye to:

Stiffness that holds you back
Discomfort that dampens your spirits
Limited movement that restricts your activities

And say hello to:

Effortless mobility that empowers you
Comfortable movement that enhances your life
Freedom to explore new activities with confidence

If you’re on this page right now, it’s because you’ve unlocked a special offer; you can claim your spot into this ah..mazing program for just a one-time payment of $77 (instead of a payment of $297, which is what I usually charge).
You can rest assured that there are no hidden fees and no recurring charges. With this one-time payment of $77, the program is yours to keep forever!

Unlock your inner strength and flexibility with the

Freedom In Motion 28-Day Program

Here's everything you get when you join the Freedom in Motion Program

12-Minute Mobility Follow Along Videos

$997 value

Embark on your journey to enhanced mobility and flexibility with our expert-curated daily routines. Guided by our seasoned fitness coach and kinesiologist with over two decades of experience, these follow-along videos will lead you through precise stretches and movements that yield transformative results in under a month.

Expert Guidance: Learn from a 20-year veteran in fitness coaching and kinesiology, ensuring you receive top-tier instruction tailored to your needs.
Foundational Understanding: Start strong with introductory videos that detail the correct execution of each movement, setting you up for success from day one.
Accelerated Progress: Supercharge your results with supplementary short stretching sessions that maximize the impact of your dedicated efforts.

Companion E-Guide

$100 value

Navigate your journey with confidence using our companion e-guide, meticulously designed to empower your progress. Inside, you'll find detailed insights on the program's mechanics, a weekly action checklist, invaluable pointers on what to anticipate, nutrition tips to enhance your mobility, and strategies for achieving optimal results in record time.

Program Clarity: Gain a clear understanding of how the program functions, ensuring you're equipped to make the most of every step.
Actionable Roadmap: Stay on track with a weekly action checklist that simplifies your path to success, guiding you through the program seamlessly.
Informed Expectations: Embrace your journey fully prepared, armed with insights into what each phase holds, allowing you to embrace the process confidently.


Daily Guidance Emails

Embrace a daily dose of motivation and expert guidance delivered straight to your inbox throughout your 28-day journey. Our carefully crafted emails will empower you with hacks to enhance mobility beyond workouts, motivational content to keep you on course, nutritional insights to combat inflammation, and additional tips for an overall elevated sense of well-being.

Continuous Inspiration: Fuel your motivation with daily doses of expert insights and encouragement, ensuring you stay committed and excited throughout the program.
Enhanced Mobility Habits: Uncover hacks that extend your mobility progress beyond workout sessions, integrating improved movement seamlessly into your daily routine.
Informed Nutritional Choices: Receive targeted nutritional tips to minimize inflammation, maximizing the benefits of the program and promoting a holistic sense of vitality

extra bonus

Bonus: 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Meal Plan with Quick Recipes

As an added value, we're gifting you an exclusive bonus: a comprehensive 7-day anti-inflammatory meal plan packed with delicious and nourishing recipes, all ready in under 30 minutes. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to vibrant health as you savor these flavor-packed meals designed to complement your mobility journey.

Enhanced Recovery: Fuel your body with meals that combat inflammation, accelerating your recovery and supporting your mobility progress.
Effortless Preparation: Dive into a week of delectable dishes that can be whipped up in 30 minutes or less, ensuring convenience and satisfaction even on your busiest days.
Nutritional Empowerment: Uncover the power of anti-inflammatory ingredients and their positive impact on your overall well-being, empowering you to make nourishing choices beyond the program.

about me

Hey there, sister-friend! I'm Tanya Auger, a certified nutrition practitioner, master health coach, and known as the gut-whisperer!

Living with gut dysfunction for as long as I can remember brought debilitating stomach upsets, excess fatigue, and a lack of energy.

And when I hit my early forties, well into my premenopause phase, it felt like my body was spiraling out of control. Not only was I experiencing weight gain and IBS flare-ups, but also uncontrollable mood swings and constant fatigue, even after what I thought was a good night's sleep.

I knew hormonal changes were unavoidable, but did suffering have to be part of the plan too?! Dealing with health issues and symptoms can be incredibly draining. Can you relate?!

Determined to find answers, I went back to school, gaining a nutrition education to understand the root of these challenges.

Drawing upon everything I've learned so far, along with my 15+ years of experience in nutrition, I successfully helped my husband regain his health after battling cancer, breezed through my own pre/perimenopause journey, and guided countless women in overcoming their symptoms and reclaiming their youthful vitality.

Your health is your most precious asset, and it's the key to living a life you truly love. Are you ready to reboot your body’s battery, reclaim your energy, and create boundless vitality?

Join this FREE challenge now: The 5-Day Energy Reboot. Together, let's elevate your health and well-being to new heights!

you got this!

Embrace the power of freedom in motion

Let me help you embark on your journey to enhanced mobility and flexibility.

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