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So many women experience intense symptoms during the peri/post/menopause transition. Continuous energy decline, feeling like they’re losing their mind, digestive issues, extra pounds that stick to the tummy, hips, and thighs like glue and other debilitating symptoms that many women don’t even realize are caused by peri/post/menopause.

Nutrient insufficiencies cause the body's #1 function, the digestive system, to break down, creating imbalances in the hormonal system. Scientific evidence points to the gut as the root cause of almost all ailments, and diseases, including peri/post/menopause symptoms.

Using my proprietary The Hormone Equilibrium Solution, a unique holistic approach that brings every aspect of health back into balance with a primary focus on the digestive system, will ensure nutrients are delivered where they are needed most, toxins are flushed away quickly, and damaged cells are restored.

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