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I’m sooo flippin’ excited for you…cause’ you now possess foundational and proven resources and tools to take your health and wellbeing to new heights!

I know that you’ll be blown away with the value in this sweet bundle AND it’s definitely a great place to start

But listen, I realize that what you may be looking for is a more personalized approach, an opportunity to work privately with a certified master health coach and nutrition expert to speak with, about your unique situation and health concerns.

Someone that can help you get to the root cause fast, give you the steps to focus on right now that will work for you and your bio individuality, and help you achieve optimum health easily and faster than you ever thought possible!

But you’re thinking that working one to one with a certified health professional is too expensive and you can’t afford it?!

Well, sister-friend, I hear you and I’m here for you! If working, one to one with me is indeed what you’d love then I have an amazing opportunity for you.

As a thank you for purchasing the quick start bundle, and because I know how serious you are about reclaiming your health, your body, and self-confidence, I would love to invite you to a Hormonal Equilibrium Fast Start one-to-one Coaching Call with me, for just $1!!!

HERE'S what

I'll do for you...


Body Systems' Health Check Assessment

Prior to our call, you’ll be filling out my Body Systems Health Check Assessment…this will help me identify the root cause of your symptoms and health concerns AND where in your body you should be paying attention to re-establish proper balance.


3-Step Hormone Equilibrium Solution™ Method

During our call, I will be asking you some important questions following my proprietary 3-Step Hormone Equilibrium Solution Method, based on your unique situation, health concerns and health goals. This will help me identify what has been holding you back from getting the results you’re looking for.


Personalized Hormone Equilibrium™ Fast-Track Game Plan

I will then create your Personalized Hormone Equilibrium Fast-Track Game Plan, that you’ll be able to take with you and begin using to achieve your health goals. I’ll also share with you some valuable tips on how to put this plan into action so you can get started and create results right away!


The Hormone Equilibrium
Solution™ Coaching & Training Program

For the cherry on top, I’m also going to provide you with all the details about my signature Hormone Equilibrium Solution Private Coaching & Training Program to see how this solution can work for you, if it’s a good fit, AND more importantly if I can truly help you get the results you’re looking for, faster than you ever thought possible.

Here’s the BEST PART…and I call this my LOVE IT or you PAY NOTHING guarantee!

If for any reason, you’re not 100% satisfied with our time together or your personalized hormone equilibrium fast-track game plan…you don’t pay a cent more!

AND if you are indeed 100% satisfied, a payment of $98 ($99 minus $1) will be processed 24 hours after our call…UNLESS, in the unlikely event, you tell me that this was a waste of your time…

Go ahead now, click the button below, you will then be taken to my calendar to schedule your session with me. 

How amazing is that, right?!

Please know that I normally charge $597+ for this Hormone Equilibrium Fast-Track coaching call and game plan, BUT again, I wanted to make this affordable, for you to get started right away on the right path forward with your personalized plan in hand…

AND now you can for just $1 plus an additional $98, 24 hours after our time together and ONLY if you're 100% satisfied!

This is your opportunity to experience what a life transformative decision this gift can be for you! I can’t wait to meet with you and help you take your health and wellbeing to greater heights!

IS This too good to be true?!

I know this can sound too good to be true. Heck... I don't know if I'd believe it either… But here’s why I’m doing this…

First I can no longer stand to see health-conscious women, just like you, fall into the trap of dashing from one so-called sure-bet diet or solution to the next, STILL not getting the results they really want…when I know how simple it truly is and why going for these one-size-fits-all solutions will never work..
Second I realize this is probably the first time we meet…and on a pre-recorded video! So I get that you might wonder if I’m any good at what I do and if I can be trusted to deliver on my promise…that’s why I’m offering you this opportunity at such a low cost, to experience working with me and see for yourself how good I am and more importantly if I’m the right fit for you!
Third, I know that if you love this experience, you’ll be more likely to continue working with me and refer your friends and family my way!

So, please rest assured that even though you’ll only be paying $1 now (plus $98 after our time together, if your 100% satisfied) you’re still getting the same value as my clients who pay me $597 for this service!

BUT THERE'S A CAVEAT...more than 2500 women will see this invitation this week, and because this requires a significant time commitment on my part, I can only make a few spaces available.

I’ve opened up my calendar for 50 of these Hormone Equilibrium™ Fast-Track private sessions…So if you're serious about working with me privately at this ridiculously low-price, you need to take action now before all spots are gone!

what my clients say...

"This was one of the best decisions I ever made…Tanya is simply AWESOME, she provides us with strategies, actions, and concepts in an easy and absorbable way. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my mindset, about the food I eat, and now, how I see sugar everywhere! Lol! I was able to eliminate my night cravings, even my PMS cravings, ha!ha! I’m already starting to feel better, no more stomach cramps, and I’m also losing some weight, and it’s just the beginning! THANK YOU, TANYA."

Marie-Pier S

"Loving losing weight while still eating delicious food like bread, butter and cheese! I don't feel restricted at all in my food choices and that's a big thing for me! I sought coaching in the past and found the strategies so complicated and hard to remember and stick to...You have a way to introduce bite-size strategies that are not only effective and result-focused, but also simple and easy to use! You are so kind, honest, and caring...You exceeded my expectations."

Melinda G

"I followed Tanya's strategies and immediately started to feel better and more energetic. Before I began Tanya's program, I had tried to lose some weight, an extra 25; I was discouraged and thought that nothing would work for me. I lost 9 pounds in less than 14 days with Tanya's help and finally reached my goal. Unbelievable! I am now equipped to maintain my healthy weight and my new healthy lifestyle habits. Thank you, Tanya, for listening to me, being there for me anytime I needed a motivation boost and your valuable practical advice that helped me find hope that I was able to achieve weight loss."

Solem L

Wow, Tanya is an outstanding coach! Her knowledge, experience, and positive energy have been key to finding the motivation I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle. In just a few short weeks, I was able to use the best health strategies to help me eat better, gain loads of energy, and remain motivated. During this short time, I stopped smoking, and I lost 15 pounds and was finally able to get rid of my chronic constipation. Tanya was the guiding light I needed and had been looking for, for the past three years. Thanks so much, Tanya!!!

Veronica L

…I was already somewhat health conscious, but this program was highly informative…My healthy eating and living habits substantially improved…I already feel lighter and more agile…

Rosaline M

...Tanya has helped me establish a healthier daily routine that is very easy and simple to follow…I have noticed a difference in my energy levels, and I no longer get the afternoon slumps…

Nancy P

...I regained more energy than I could ever dream of and thought I had lost forever…I lost 22 pounds, and I now feel amazing… I love what I see in the mirror…And by the way, I'm Vegan, so this works no matter your diet preferences…

Martine G

…I also regain my daily energy and still have plenty left when I return from work…The most significant benefit for me was the ability to easily add simple healthy eating and living habits to my busy schedule without turning my life upside down…

Naomie S

...I was suffering from an upset stomach every single time I ate...Tanya helped me introduce one simple strategy consistently that has completely resolved my problem...I'm a happy man! Thank you, Tanya, for your expertise and allowing me to continue eating the food I love...

Thierry M



a few weeks from today, you could still be...

Struggling with getting rid of the extra weight sticking to your tummy, thighs, and hips like glue getting in the way of your self-esteem….
Struggling with debilitating digestive issues every time you want to eat some of your favourite foods feeling like you're missing out…
Struggling with a steady energy decline and brain fog having to put your social life on hold...and not able to spend quality time with friends and family…

or instead...you could be...

Feeling strong, self-confident, vibrantlooking stunning in (and out 😉) of your favourite clothes…
Feeling effortlessly amazing, clear minded, with boundless energy
Thriving and enjoying your newfound happiness from having full control over your body and your overall health

FINALLY be free to be, do, and have what is most important to you and spending quality time with your friends and family WITHOUT ever worrying about your health getting in the way!

Remember, this is a LOVE IT or you PAY NOTHING private Hormone Equilibrium Fast-Track coaching call and Personalized Game Plan filled with valuable practical tips you can start using right away.

You got this! Let me help you take your health to greater heights.

I’ve struggled with gut dysfunction all my young adult life… I know how uncomfortable it can be to live with stomach upset and pain, being stressed out about making it to work on time, having to locate where the private bathrooms are, constantly worrying about what to eat, AND having to put your social life on hold…

Then around the age of 41 being well in my perimenopause, it hit me like a ton of bricks, my weight was on a steady incline and I could no longer shake the pounds off, my IBS flare-ups began to show its ugly head again, I thought I was losing my mind, I felt stuck in my own body, and I started to spiral down into depression…I mean really? Did it have to be as miserable as everyone told me it was going to be!

Out of complete confusion, frustration, and a lifetime of dieting and going after one supposedly sure-bet solution after the next, that only left me, worst off than before…I decided to go back to school to obtain a nutrition education.

That’s when I developed my proprietary Hormone Equilibrium Solution, a unique holistic approach that brings every aspect of health back into balance with a primary focus on gut health, the body’s #1 function! I’ve now used this solution to help my husband restore his health following his cancer, make my perimenopause transition a breeze, and help hundreds of women feel like their younger self again and thrive!

Your health is the most important asset you possess and the key to living a life you love. You got this, I’m here with you… Grab this sweet bundle now and let's take your health and wellbeing to new heights!

Tanya xoxo

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