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(Very little talked about, yet very easy to find!)

Learn how to free your body of digestive pain and dysfunction almost instantly when you introduce these Heal Your Gut Superfoods to your daily diet!

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The truth about this common vegetable and why the dieting industry has been misguiding you. Chances, are, it’s not what you think it is.
Eating fruits, because of their high sugar content, is bad for your gut and overall health, right? Wrong! I’ll explain why you need to eat more of these specific fruits, to keep your gut health in check.
The single best food to curb your late-night hunger, that will not only soothe your stomach, but will also lower your blood sugar, lower your insulin resistance, and help you get a great night sleep!
If you’re not worried about having bad breath, then you can strengthen your gut health, boost your immunity, reduce inflammation, and enhance your digestion every single time you eat this super versatile, cheap, and easy-to-find vegetable.
...And much, much more…BoomShakalaka!



Hello, I'm Tanya Auger, Certified nutrition expert and healthy lifestyle strategist, better known as the Gut Whisperer.

This ultimate guide has been responsible in helping women rid their bodies of digestive pain and dysfunction, almost instantly, as soon as they began introducing these 5 (out of 18) Gut Health Superfoods to their daily diet.

With it, you’ll eliminate all the guesswork around what to eat, you won’t have to eat differently than the rest of your family, you’ll be able to continue eating the foods you love, you’ll be able to ditch the low-FODMAP strict way of eating, and more importantly will finally be able to keep your gut and overall health in check.

Tanya xo

What People Are Saying

Testimonials from a few of my customers

Testimonial Solem

Solem L - Canada

"I followed Tanya's strategies and immediately started to feel better and more energetic. Before I began Tanya's program, I had tried to lose some weight, an extra 25; I was discouraged and thought that nothing would work for me. I lost 9 pounds in less than 14 days with Tanya's help and finally reached my goal. Unbelievable! I am now equipped to maintain my healthy weight and my new healthy lifestyle habits. Thank you, Tanya, for listening to me, being there for me anytime I needed a motivation boost and your valuable practical advice that helped me find hope that I was able to achieve weight loss."


Marie-Pier S - Canada

"This was one of the best decisions I ever made…Tanya is simply AWESOME, she provides us with strategies, actions, and concepts in an easy and absorbable way. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my mindset, about the food I eat, and now, how I see sugar everywhere! Lol! I was able to eliminate my night cravings, even my PMS cravings, ha!ha! I’m already starting to feel better, no more stomach cramps, and I’m also losing some weight, and it’s just the beginning! THANK YOU, TANYA."


Melinda G - USA

"Loving losing weight while still eating delicious food like bread, butter and cheese! I don't feel restricted at all in my food choices and that's a big thing for me! I sought coaching in the past and found the strategies so complicated and hard to remember and stick to...You have a way to introduce bite-size strategies that are not only effective and result-focused, but also simple and easy to use! You are so kind, honest, and caring...You exceeded my expectations."

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Learn how to eliminate all the guesswork around what to eat, continue to eat the foods you love, and most importantly, keep your gut and overall health in check.

pdf 5 superfoods mockup 743x740
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