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H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™

And learn how to get your health back, live pain free, drop the extra weight for good, increase your energy, age healthily

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Unlock My Proven
4 Steps H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™

And FINALLY free your body from stomach bloat, excess gas, abdominal pain, indigestion AND any other digestive dysfunction keeping your from living
your best life in 10 DAYS OR LESS!

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I’m looking for a small group of committed women, serious about freeing their bodies of gut dysfunction and any other downstream effect. If this is you, you can take advantage of this exclusive sweet offer to join my
H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™ 6-Week Coaching and Training Program
RISK-FREE, AND at a 74% discount. Instead of paying $1500, you can join for one small payment of $397!!

If you’re looking to:

Drop the stomach bloat, pain, indigestion, and any other type of digestive dysfunction, and/or
Lose weight easily and naturally, making maintaining your ideal weight a breeze, and/or
Get off the dieting roller coaster once and for all, and/or
Eat the foods you love without worrying about your weight or getting sick and/or
Live pain free, being strong, agile, and fit, and/or
Increase your daily energy and live with great vitality, and/or
Age healthily and feel full of energy every single day when you wake up, and/or
Make pre, post, and menopausal symptoms something that others suffer from, and/or
Be mentally sharp, clear, and happy, and/or
Feel and look younger, and in a body, you love, every time you look at yourself in a mirror, and/or
Never have to worry about your health so that you can spend quality time with your loved ones and be free to be, do, and have what you desire most!!

Then you want to pay very close attention to this opportunity, because you’re about to discover…

My simple, practical, and backed by science 4-step formula to heal your gut and all its downstream effects once and for all...

WITHOUT dieting, feeling deprived, complicated food rules, or strict and unsustainable protocols…that leaves you feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged and back to square one, when all is said and done!

EVEN IF, you’ve tried everything before and nothing has seemed to work, or others have let you down and you're worried about trying again, or you’ve struggled to make progress in the past! 


hello there!

I'm  Tanya

I’ve struggled with gut dysfunction all my young adult life… Just like you, I know how uncomfortable it can be to live with stomach upset and pain, to always worry about what to eat, not knowing if you’ll then need to rush to the washroom or go lie down until the debilitating pain goes away…putting your social life on hold, cause you never know when the next bout of diarrhea, constipation, or IBS flare-up will come up…

I didn’t know back then that my gut health was such a “big deal” and the key to optimum health and wellbeing. Despite landing in the emergency room on three separate occasions during my young adult life because of debilitating stomach pain…It unfortunately took my husband’s cancer diagnosis a little over 14 years ago, for me to begin digging and researching how we could restore our health…

What began with a few weeks of research, quickly turned into a few months, and ended up being 3 full years of experimenting with many solutions, diets, protocols to no avail. I quickly became overwhelmed, discouraged, frustrated, and had lost all hope thinking we were destined to continue living with less-than-optimal health. 

I was fortunate enough to go back to school and obtain an education in nutrition. I know, a bit of a drastic measure, but I was exhausted by all the rubbish I was being fed (sorry for the pun) from the internet and the likes…

That’s when I discovered your gut health is at the core of your optimum health and wellbeing. Your digestive function is bare none the most important function of your body. When you’re able to maintain optimum digestive and gut health, all other body systems such as your cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal, nervous, immune, will also work at their best!

I also learned that there’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all solutions, diets, pills, shakes…these may work for a short while but long term they will cause more harm than good. Also, quick fixes and shortcuts will not help you create lasting results. 

The good news is that it’s a whole lot easier and simpler than you may think, and you certainly don’t need to feel deprived, to follow complicated food rules or to sustain a strict protocol to get your health back. 

That’s why I created my proprietary approach
based on sound nutrition principles

The H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™
6-week Coaching And Training Program

And because I know how serious you are about taking your health back, or you wouldn’t be still reading this message…I’m offering you an exclusive opportunity, right now, to join my H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™ 6-week Coaching And Training Program, at an incredibly low price!

I haven’t yet officially launched this program to the public and wanted to first provide an opportunity to my community to get in as a founding member…

So as a founding member, you can get started for one small payment of $397 and once the timer on this page hits zero, the price will go up by at least 3X that…When I officially launch this program, I will be charging at least $1500


Unlock My Proven

4 Steps H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™

And FINALLY free your body from stomach bloat, excess gas, abdominal pain, indigestion AND any other digestive dysfunction keeping your from living
your best life in 10 DAYS OR LESS!

So why am I doing this, you ask?

Well, first, it’s simple, I know that if you’re absolutely happy with your experience and results you’ll be more likely to refer my services to your friends. So truly, this is a win-win for both you and me! 

Secondly, I wanted to make this opportunity one that you wouldn’t have to think twice about…

AND I get it, you might be somewhat sceptical or have doubts as to if this program is right for you…And let’s face it, you might also be meeting me for the first time here.

Therefore, to take all your fears, risks, and scepticism away, in addition to practically giving away this program for free, I’m also including a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Wait what?!

What that means is that you can join, complete the entire program, and if for any reasons whatsoever you’re not happy, I will give you back a full refund, no questions ask…AND you’ll still be able to keep all the valuable learning and resources, not to mention, your personalized heal your gut game plan! BOOMSHAKALAKA…

So, as you can tell you absolutely have nothing to lose here, except your gut dysfunction, of course!


BUT please don’t take my word for it, try it and see for yourself while you still have an opportunity to join as one of the founding members at a 74% discount, for one small payment of $397! 

And to make this decision even easier to make, I’m also including 3 amazing gifts that will make achieving any of your health goals even faster when you…

Join My Proven
H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™
6-week Coaching And Training Program

You Also Get...

Action Plan


5-Day Sugar Detox Program

(a value of $300)

Sugar is so sneaky, and a lot of times we’re consuming WAY more than we think, most of us actually eat or drink 3X the recommended amount of sugar each and every day! You’ll be amazed at the difference getting rid of added sugars can make to your mood, your energy, and even your waistline!

This gift is valued at $300, but yours FREE when you enroll, before the timer on this page hits zero!


Your Personal Success Formula

(Value $800)

With this 90-minute on-demand workshop, you’ll be creating your personal success MAP and using key mindset strategies based on sound positive psychology principles that will make achieving any health goals and conquering any challenges you may face along the way a breeze! 

Your personal success formula will pave the way and set you up for inevitable success as you learn to break free from less than ideal habits and introduce healthier ones to your daily routine! 

This gift is valued at $800, but yours FREE when you enroll, before the timer on this page hits zero!

Personal Success Map
Accountability Partner


Three months of one-to-one private coaching with me!

(a value of $2400)

During the program you get unlimited support, guidance, coaching, and accountability to help you remain on your success path and more importantly help you get unstuck quickly so that you can cross the finish line. AND now with this EXTRA SWEETNESS, you also get my continued guidance and coaching once you complete the program and find yourself on your own.

This gift is valued at $2400, but yours FREE when you enroll, before the timer on this page hits zero!

So, what are you waiting for!!

I can’t wait to help you take your health and wellbeing to new heights and celebrate your amazing results…Go ahead now and click below and let’s get started!

what can you expect

Here’s a quick rundown of all the health benefits you can expect when you complete the...

4 Steps H·E·A·L Your Gut 3R Formula™
6-week Coaching And Training Program

Step 01

H = Healthy Eating

This first step is all about eating real food and making healthier food choices.

During this HEALTHY EATING step, I’ll show you:

How to use my 7 proven healthy eating guiding principles, so that you can easily whip up nutritious meals to provide your body with all the essential nutrients it requires to keep you in tip-top shape, not to mention never ever again, having to stare at your pantry and refrigerator wondering what you should and shouldn’t eat!
The whole truth and nothing but the truth about carbohydrates and sugars (and all other macronutrients for that matter), based on scientific evidence (no myths, shenanigans, or unproven beliefs)…and chances are, it’s not what you think it is!
The most versatile and easy-to-find gut health SUPERFOODS to include in your daily diet that will enhance your immune function, reduce inflammation, and increase your energy and vitality…That goes beyond FODMAPs and fermented foods.
The top 4 weight loss progress blockers, why the dieting industry has been misguiding you, and what to do instead to create healthy and permanent weight loss. YESSS…you can now get off the dieting roller coaster for good!
And much, much, more!

Step 02

E = Enhance

This second step is all about strengthening your gut health and enhancing your digestive system, the most important function of your body. 

During this ENHANCE step, I’ll show you:

How to use my proven 3R Formula, so that you can free your body of any gut dysfunction, pain, and upset once and for all, and as a result enhance your overall health and wellbeing.
Following a low-FODMAP diet is the best way to free your body of gut dysfunction and pain, RIGHT? WRONG! I’ll show you an easier, simpler, and a less strict way so that you don’t have to be a martyr to your diet to live healthily and pain-free.
Which hormones you need to keep happy (hint: there are 5 big ones) and play a key role in your overall metabolic health, so that you can achieve any of your health goals including optimum gut health, fast & permanent weight loss, lasting energy, and healthy aging.
The truth about detoxification, what it means, why the so-called detox popular diets, pills, and shakes are bad for you, and instead what to do and what to eat to keep your liver, pancreas, and stomach happy!
And much, much, more!

Step 03

A = Accelerate

This third step is all about introducing healthy habits for life, so that you can not only accelerate your results, but also create lasting ones. 

During this ACCELERATES step, I’ll show you:

The single fastest, easiest, and best way to not only enhance your digestive function, but also to create fast & lasting weight loss, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, lower blood pressure, boost brain function, and even slow down the aging process…YESSS…I have the solution to turn back the clock!
The whole truth about your metabolism and metabolic health including the newest and surprising scientific findings, and proven strategies to keep your metabolism revved up and reverse any metabolic slow down effects even if you’re in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and beyond!
My top proven healthy habits that will make achieving any of your health goals a breeze and more importantly creating lasting positive results.
The single most important thing you can do to accelerate your results and achieve lasting optimum health and wellbeing that has nothing to do with nutrition and physical activity and how to leverage this powerful strategy!
And much, much, more!

Step 04

L = Lasting

This last step is all about whole body health that goes over and above physical health to thrive on your healthy living journey. 

During this LASTING step, I’ll show you:

The 4 realms of whole health and how skipping one affects all other. More importantly, you’ll learn how to foster these realms so that you can leverage the full power of epigenetics and finally cheat your genetic code to create lasting health results.
The secret to fostering a growth mindset and how this important principle can help you quickly bounce back from any life’s less than ideal circumstances including falling off the health train now and again!
The whole truth according to the latest scientific research about willpower, and chances are it’s not what you think it is!
Simple, yet powerful hacks to break bad habits and create good ones for more happiness and health in your life.
And much, much, more!

Wonderful Transformations

Here are just a few of the wonderful transformations some of my past clients have shared

"This was one of the best decisions I ever made…Tanya is simply AWESOME, she provides us with strategies, actions, and concepts in an easy and absorbable way. I’ve learned a lot about myself, about my mindset, about the food I eat, and now, how I see sugar everywhere! Lol! I was able to eliminate my night cravings, even my PMS cravings, ha!ha! I’m already starting to feel better, no more stomach cramps, and I’m also losing some weight, and it’s just the beginning! THANK YOU, TANYA."


Marie-Pier S


"Loving losing weight while still eating delicious food like bread, butter and cheese! I don't feel restricted at all in my food choices and that's a big thing for me! I sought coaching in the past and found the strategies so complicated and hard to remember and stick to...You have a way to introduce bite-size strategies that are not only effective and result-focused, but also simple and easy to use! You are so kind, honest, and caring...You exceeded my expectations."


Melinda G


"Wow, Tanya is an outstanding coach! Her knowledge, experience, and positive energy have been key to finding the motivation I needed to pursue a healthier lifestyle. In just a few short weeks, I was able to use the best health strategies to help me eat better, gain loads of energy, and remain motivated. During this short time, I stopped smoking, and I lost 15 pounds and was finally able to get rid of my chronic constipation. Tanya was the guiding light I needed and had been looking for, for the past three years. Thanks so much, Tanya!!!"

Testimonial Veronica

Veronica  L


"I'm now eating better and nourishing my body in a way that allows me to sleep better, have more daily energy, and finally get to my ideal weight. When I began working with Tanya, I immediately started to feel great and lost 12 pounds in less than six weeks; people around me started noticing and commenting on my improved complexion! I can also say that my IBS has finally settled, and I've never been in my life so stable, regular & pain-free. Thanks so very much, Tanya, for not giving up on me."


Darlene S


sweet and limited time offer

Here’s a quick recap of everything that’s included in this sweet and limited time offer, for one payment of $397.

The complete 4-Step Heal Your Gut 3R Formula™ 6-week coaching and training program, delivered live online! (value $3445)
Live weekly Q&A and progress review calls (value $850)
Lifetime access to the program’s recorded live training and Q&A calls PLUS all materials, resources, cheat sheets, meal plans, recipes, etc. (value priceless)
GIFT 1: Your 5-Day Sugar Detox Program (value $300)
GIFT 2: Your Personal Success Formula (value $800)
GIFT 3: Three full months of one-to-one private coaching with me (value $2400)
My 100%, risk-free, satisfaction guarantee!

When you sign up for this sweet opportunity as a founding member, you get a total

Value of $7795 for one small payment of $397!

I certainly don’t want you to miss out!
So go ahead now, before it’s too late and the timer on this page hits zero. 

Click the button below now to get started.

The Gut Whisperer

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