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Testimonials from our customers

...Loving losing weight while still eating delicious food like bread, butter, and cheese! I don't feel restricted in my food choices, which is a big thing for me!

Melinda G

…I was able to eliminate my night cravings…I’m already starting to feel better, with no more stomach cramps, and I’m also losing some weight, and it’s just the beginning…

Marie-Pier C

…I was already somewhat health conscious, but this program was highly informative…My healthy eating and living habits substantially improved…I already feel lighter and more agile…

Rosaline M

Tanya has helped me establish a healthier daily routine that is very easy and simple to follow…I have noticed a difference in my energy levels, and I no longer get the afternoon slumps…

Nancy P

I regained more energy than I could ever dream of and thought I had lost forever…I lost 22 pounds, and I now feel amazing… I love what I see in the mirror…And by the way, I'm Vegan, so this works no matter your diet preferences…

Martine G

…I also regain my daily energy and still have plenty left when I return from work…The most significant benefit for me was the ability to easily add simple healthy eating and living habits to my busy schedule without turning my life upside down…

Naomie S

Tanya xx

Hello, I'm Tanya Auger, a Certified nutrition expert and master health coach known as the Gut Whisperer.

I’ve struggled with gut dysfunction all my young adult life… Just like you, I know how uncomfortable it can be to live with stomach upset and pain, being stressed out about making it to work on time, having to locate where the private bathrooms are, constantly worrying about what to eat, AND having to put your social life on hold…

Out of complete confusion and frustration after a life of dieting and following unsustainable food rules, I decided to go back to school and study nutrition. Now, using my priority, The Sound and Simple 3-Steph HE-A-L Your Gut Solution, I can help women fix their gut issues for good, so they can finally lose weight, age healthily, feel fantastic, and take their health back! Without the boredom of eating a very limiting diet and giving up the foods they love.

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5-Day Gut Health Reboot Challenge

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