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Step 1

Watch This 3-Minute Video

Get all the details on what to expect, how to set yourself up for success, and prepare for the Day!

Step 2

Own this program for life!

Would you like to keep this valuable program for life?

I’ve made this 5-Day challenge FREE so that you can get all the training, emails, resources, and videos you need to kick-start your gut health journey over the LIVE 5 days of the challenge.

And, my question to you is…

What if you could effortlessly get back on the health train when you fall off, without losing any progress you’ve made so far, and keep your gut health in check?

Well, now you can, with unlimited access to the entire video training and resources so that you can watch the recordings after the challenge ends, review the content months from now, and keep this unique program for life…

AND to make this deal even sweeter, when you purchase this video training, I’ll also be giving you a fully “personalize..able” DFY 7-day gut-friendly meal planner with a copy of my Gut Health Recipe Book.

My Gut Health Recipe Book contains over 40 delicious, nutritious, AND dietician-approved recipes and more than 20 nutrient-rich snacks you can use as is or for inspiration to create your own based on your food preferences.

You’ll find tasty recipes that are all gut-friendly and can be made in less than 30 minutes including omnivorous, low-FODMAPs, gluten free, vegan, vegetarian, and keto options. Making whipping-up weekly meal plans a breeze…that will not only meet your food preferences, but also that the entire family will enjoy!

Secure your recordings NOW and keep them in your gut health success toolkit forever, including your DFY 7-Day Meal Planner and my Gut Health Recipe Book (value $125)!

Step 3

spread the word

My vision is to support thousands of health-conscious women like you to
take their health back for good!

Step 4

Facebook Group

A big part of this challenge takes place in our Facebook Group, so be sure to join by clicking the image below.

Tanya xx

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